A Selection of Photos Showing What We Do

M9 GSG 1911Custom Build

This is one of our earliest GSG 1911 builds, it features many of our upgrades Guide Rod Kit, Accurizing Kit, 30g Carbon Barrel Shroud, Racking Handle, Carbon/Titanium Extended Mag Release, Carbon/Aluminium Dot Sight Bridge Mount, Aluminium Magwell, Carbon/Titanium Extension Rod, Titanium Thumb Guard, Series 80 Trigger Safety Delete and D2 Tool Steel Firing Pin.

GSG 1911 Customer Build

A good shot of a really nice GSG build from one of our customers

Another M9 Custom Build

This build featured our Guide Rod Kit, Accurizer Kit, Magwell and Carbon Extension plus our 30g Carbon Barrel Shroud.

M&P 15-22 Pins in Production

One of our recent batches of M&P 15-22 Firing Pins in production, shown here are our CNC machined pin blanks ready for adding their retaining pin grooves and tip profiles.

Accurized GSG at 25 Yards

What a GSG can do after fitting our Guide Rod Kit and Accurizer Kit to a GSG

GSG 1911 Standard Barrel

M9 Engineering Lightened and Accurized Barrel

GSG 1911 +10 Magazines

A couple of customer GSG 1911 Magazines with our +10 extensions.
We chose to develop proper extensions rather than full mags because mag lips inevitably wear out and when that happens we'd rather our customers be able to swap their extension to a new OEM magazine rather than pay out for a complete and very expensive magazine.